Sealing Criminal Records

5 Star Legit Documents has a division focused in criminal record expungements and record sealing services in various states. We believe that everybody makes mistakes, and it’s often unfair for these mistakes to follow you around for the rest of your life.

We have proven attorneys who will help you to put past mistakes behind you and move forward in life with a clean criminal record and peace of mind. If you qualify to have your record cleared, we are here to help. Contact us today to get a clean record and a new beginning.

Typically, our clients don’t appear in court, so you should be able to sit back and let us do all of the work. If for some reason you do need to go to court, we will be there next to you to make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Need for having a clean slate!

  • Get the job you deserve and make more money
  • Stop being treated like a 2nd class citizen
  • Truthfully tell employers that you haven’t been convicted of a crime
  • Quit worrying about what people will find in a background check
  • Restore your firearm rights in many circumstances
  • Clear felonies and misdemeanors from your record
  • Reduce the cost of loans and insurance
  • Reduce police harassment when stopped
  • Put your past mistakes behind you
  • Get access to student loan programs and enroll in higher education


Did You Know People With Criminal Records Earn 10% – 40% LESS Than Those Without a Record?


92% of Companies Conduct Background Checks. Can You Pass One?


Criminal Record Reduces Your Chances of Getting a Job Offer by 50%. Are You Willing to Roll the Dice?